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Family Support and Training

All of our families are provided with training sessions designed specifically for the family.  During training sessions families meet with a Training and Services Coordinator and are taught how to enhance their child’s socialization, self-help and communication skills, as well as strategies to reduce inappropriate behaviors.  Training sessions occur in the client’s home as well as community settings to promote generalization of behavioral control. Families are encouraged to participate in sessions with Behavior Specialists where modeling of skill building procedures and prompting can be provided.


Our organization believes that there are many key components which contribute to a healthy and productive educational environment. If one were to compile all of the necessary values and moral components for an effective caregiver the list would be boundless, however we hold these key principles sacred:

Our Value

Every person with whom we come into contact deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Effective behavior therapy is based on good science which utilizes unbiased observation and systematic modification to support the individual’s needs.

Operating in an ethical manner is at the heart of our business.

Understanding that life experiences, cultural and individual differences impact the manner in which an individual absorbs knowledge and approaches varied situations.


At Tender Touch Autism Services we pursue a simple business philosophy: to devote our talent, expertise, and continued education toward improving the quality of life for individuals and families experiencing autism or other behavioral needs.
Our management and staff are dedicated to educating, empowering, and supporting individuals, families, and other organizations in the principles and techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We believe this support should be consistent and available.